It saddens me with how much cheating there is in the world. By cheating I mean in terms of relationships. A relationship is between two people. No one else should be interfering in it and no one in the bond should be branching out. It makes no sense to me how someone can be in a relationship & be in another one on the side. So then why are you in the the first relationship in the first place? If you start to feel your current relationship is dull or unsatisfactory to you then just break it off. Why stay and look for another partner and make more of a mess for yourself? Is it that hard to just tell your partner that you no longer want to be in a relationship you feel unsatisfied with?

I would never ever cheat on a boyfriend, a fiancé, or a husband. Relationships are meant to be monogamous. How would you feel if you found out that your significant other is seeing someone else but they’re still with you? I’m sure you’d feel sad, angry, useless, hopeless, etc… Is every moment, memory, accomplishment, & challenge that you two went through even worth it? Did it ever mean anything? I’d say not since he/she found some new memories to make with a new person.

The worst I feel is when there is a cheater in a marriage. Two people who promised to share their love and lives with each other forever & it just gets destroyed just like that. Divorce is not good either. However, divorce can be due to many other issues I still think it’s not an option, for me it’s not. You get married to someone you love entirely. Meaning you are in love with them (everything about them, their hates, their likes, their job, their issues, their family, their friends, the things that annoy you about them, & all the what ifs that the future may hold). Marriage isn’t easy, it’s a team effort. Every day is a challenge but I can’t imagine not ever at the end of the day smiling because I’m with someone who accepts me entirely & who makes we smile, cheek to cheek.

Cheating is just wrong. Don’t do it. It creates an even bigger mess & creates more emotional & psychological damage. Be faithful to your lover.

(These thoughts have been sparked by the JayZ/Beyonce rumors)

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